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Vol.3 P.14

There we go, back on track. By the by,  perceptive readers will notice a donation button has appeared below.

With a little encouragement, our staff may be able to put up more pages a week,  than the poor half starved creatures can at the moment.

We’ll stand back, and see what happens.

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Vol.3 P.13

Argh, late posting again!  Sorry about that, family matters distracted us.

Also, we are still trying to sort out the advertising situation,  in pursuit of  a long-term goal  to have our artwork may us rich and famous.

Hmm, we’d better keep our options open -  maybe a donation button?

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Vol.3 P.9

Vol.3 P.9

We’ve put up a few more pages than usual this week,  to compensate for the time our computer was down over Christmas.

We’re still experimenting with the best way to do things, but for now, there will be between two and three new pages a week.

As you can see, there’s also an ongoing experiment with advertising, while  we pursue the dream of having a website that’s a way of life, rather than just a…

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